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Breaking bad financial habits and banking stereotypes

F&M Trust asked Pavone to help them break into a new social channel. So naturally, we did so by breaking stuff. Lots of stuff.

In feeds filled with food, fashion, entertainment and memes, it’s critical to develop scroll-stopping content that will get an audience to stop, look and engage. Our in? F&M Trust’s new personal finance tool helps its users break bad financial habits by making money management easy. We visualized the frustrations Americans feel with money management by literally breaking things — things that are symbolic of common money mishaps — with the first-of-its-kind rage room from a financial services provider.

Coffee mugs. Bottles. Symbols of frivolous spending. Even a TV and a printer. (Why does printer ink cost so much, anyway?)

We broke into a new channel, broke banking stereotypes, and offered a new tool on the very platform that inspires such money mistakes. And we had a lot of fun doing it.

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