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A culture of acceptance in Pride Month and all year round

This Pride Month – and every month – Pavone Group is bulldogged in its efforts to create a workplace that’s welcoming and committed to a culture of acceptance. Because attracting the most brilliant, creative, bulldogged talent in the world starts with a culture that welcomes people for who they really are. 

But if a recent 4A’s survey is any indication, the ad industry as a whole has sometimes struggled with creating a culture of acceptance. That survey found that more than 95% of people in advertising identify as hetrosexual. We know that there’s far more LGBTQ+ colleagues among us, which means many people aren’t comfortable with being out in the workplace. 

To change that, we need to work harder as an industry to create an environment in which people can be themselves. That’s why Pavone Group supports Project 47, a program that encourages agencies to make LGBTQ+ programs and inclusion a key part of their agency culture.  

Learn more about Project 47 and how you can support it at Come-Out-To-Work.com

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