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Pavone Group’s SpotBowl 20 is complete, and the winner is…

The Big Game lineup featured more star power than ever before (75% of the ads sported a celebrity cameo), but celebrity fatigue may have had an impact on Pavone Group’s SpotBowl 20 final rankings. The top three spots in our poll were all celeb-free. The winner? A sweet and sentimental ad from The Farmer’s Dog that featured a dog reflecting on a long life with his owner. 

Pavone Group’s predictive analytics tool also scored high marks. 

To create it, our data scientists created a proprietary algorithm that analyzed each spot to determine how each commercial will rank in our poll. By the time the polls closed, our predictive analytics tool correctly predicted four of the top five results from America’s voting. 

So what did we learn from SpotBowl 20? Simple, relatable stories that move you emotionally are sometimes all that’s needed and you don’t need an A-list celebrity to score on advertising’s biggest stage.

Visit SpotBowl to watch the commercials again and check out the final rankings. 

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