The SpotBowl 21 winner? A Big Game veteran. | News | Pavone Group

The SpotBowl 21 winner? A Big Game veteran.

This year’s Big Game was all about the first-time advertisers. A whopping 18 brands made their debut on advertising’s biggest stage (up from just seven rookies last year), but it was Big Game veteran Dunkin’ and its star-studded spot that ran away with Pavone Group’s SpotBowl 21 title. 

Our predictive analytics tool scored a win, too. 

The proprietary algorithm created by the Pavone Group data scientists analyzed each spot to determine how each ad would perform in the SpotBowl poll. By the end of the action, our crystal ball predicted four of the top five results from America’s voting. 

As for the rookies? We’ll see who’s got what it takes to come back again next year. Visit SpotBowl to watch the Big Game ad line-up again and check out the final rankings. 

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