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quench and PMG win big at 2022 Philly ADDY Awards

We don’t do what we do for the awards, but if someone is going to give us a dozen trophies, we won’t say no. 

That’s why we’re happy to announce big wins for Pavone Marketing Group in this year’s Philadelphia ADDY Awards. Thirteen wins, in fact, including 10 Golds for our work with Sun-Maid. See the full list of hardware below.  

When we win this big, it’s a win for all of us, which is why credit goes to PMG team members in every office – from Harrisburg and Philadelphia to New York and Atlanta. The end result is a digital marketing group that’s tranformed into an award-winning digital marketing agency (in this and many other award competitions). And, of course, we also have to thank the clients who gave us the opportunity to think big and create award-winning work!


Sun-Maid – Board of Imagination (Guerrilla Marketing) 

Sun-Maid – Raisin House (Guerrilla Marketing) 

Sun-Maid – Imagine That – Yogurt (TV Commercial)

Sun-Maid – Imagine That (Computer Generated Imagery)

Sun-Maid – Imagine That – Yogurt (Computer Generated Imagery)

Sun-Maid – Imagine That – Bites (TV Commercial) 

Sun-Maid – Imagine That – Bites (Computer Generated Imagery)

Sun-Maid – Imagine That (TV Commercial Campaign)

Sun-Maid – World of Flavor (TV Commercial) 

Sun-Maid – World of Flavor (Computer Generated Imagery)


Sun-Maid – Board of Imagination (Social Media Campaign)

Sun-Maid – Birthday Do-Over (Social Media Campaign) 

Herr’s – Flavor Mix Mystery (Social Media Campaign) 

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